Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Common Core (The founder explains it all. . .)

Side Note: I don't know if they're "Easter Eggs" of just little extras I add to my toons for my own amusement. But I was looking for "slogans" for Dr. Moore to have on her desk on an "Educational Site" for Common Core and I came upon the "reap what you sew, learn to grow" saying. Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS I am spelling challenged, but even I know that you reap what you SOW. I thought it was pretty hilarious that sow was spelled wrong on a education site.  (One of my readers suggested that "sew" was correct and that "reap" was a typo for "rip.")

Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy May Day, Seattle!

I don't think I'd like walking into a gaggle of anarchists, but they're fun to draw.

Random Meeting With An Old Friend

The idea for this toon came years ago when I met up for dinner with a good friend of mine from High School. She was driving an expen$ive late model car that had all "peace & freedom" bumper stickers pasted all over the back.