Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Muffin Toon: Obama Cheer Camp

I drew the original of this toon back in July 2008. Sadly, it is still current.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Leftist Logic?? (Or Ezra Klein's a Funny Guy)

Yesterday Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services,
Kathleen Sebelius announced she is resigning.
Ezra Klein, blogger, made the statement in the first panel.

So I thought, what if we used quitting as a criteria
for winning in other situations.
Then I tooned this:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Like Lambchops, But That Sheep Has A Gun

My Cousin, the "factavist" Part I (alternate title, "Obama Got Me A Job!")

The inspiration for these two toons came when I read an online article about the DNC hiring people to troll right wing sites and make democrat talking point comments.

I thought, "who would do that?"
And I decided, "Chip Chip's leftist cousin, Ka-Bluey would."

My Cousin, the "factavist." Part II

Why RINO's are not good for the GOP.

I published this toon
originally in my
RightNation blog.

Mr. Naron commented:
That's the best explanation of the GOP I've ever read. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Biblically Based Suggestions For Living

After I watched Russell M. Nelson speak about Bible instructions for living--I drew this.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I call a "DO OVER!" (I wish I had that kind of power. . .)

If you haven't read the news about Brendan Eich, 
the Mozilla CEO and co-founder
 who was forced to resign 
because of his pro traditional marriage views--
well I think you will still understand this toon.

You DO Realize People Will Call Your Organization, "Pet Pee?"

I did the original version of this toon in my high school newspaper.
(Shout out to Troy High!) And then again in my college newspaper.
(Shout out to The Daily Universe!)
And then twice in my cartoon blog on RightNation.
And here it is again.
And maybe I'll do two versions here on this blog.
I'll think about it while I'm walking the dogs.
Because I think I could make the ending better.

Friday, April 4, 2014

How I Got the Highest Retweet of the Day on Twitter. . .

Last night I woke up at 2 AM.
(I hate it when that happens.)
And my brain wouldn't turn off.
I guess, because I was trying to ignore it and JUST freakin' get back to sleep,
it just started thinking about "my heart's desire."
This toon is the result:


I really would like to be featured on Twitchy--just not like this.
Oh, and after I drew it I wished I'd made me wearing an Ace of Base T-shirt instead.
And I found a typo. Rats, I HATE typos.

Shave the Last Dance For Me

I have drawn toons for RightNation for years now.
This is one of the first ones I did.
A bunch of people had commented on a thread about
how they keep adding multiple blades on disposable razors
to make them more efficient. . .
 and I thought of this.

Obviously I don't have a lot of "artistic schooling."
I was kind of happy that in the 3rd panel
it actually looked like his head was cut off.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Hollywood Movies To Get The "Noah" Treatment?

This toon was suggested by my good friend (and sometime collaborator) Joe the Pagan. (I know his last name, but he values his privacy. I wish I could share it, because he deserves as much credit and recognition and I can give him.)

This toon is pretty self explanatory:

(The day after I published it I woke up at 3AM and thought,
"I shouldn't have written 'ZOT. I should have written 'SMITE.'"
 Either way, I like it. Thanks for the idea, Joe.
But the ending was all me.)

Happy KKK'ers. Happy Nazis. Happy Islamofacists.

Here is one of my favorite toons. I read what Chris Matthews said, (quoted in the first panel) and I thought, "really? Are there NO evil people in the world, only ones with a different perspective than me?"

So I decided to draw a toon where the most evil people I could imagine were happy--cheerful even, as they persecuted others.

And You Can Tell Your Grandkids You Were There!

Welcome to Wag-a-Muffin Toons, my blog of my cartoons. I draw what I observe. I feel pretty strongly about some subjects, but I have changed my opinion of some things I used to believe were true. If we can't discuss ideas civilly, what good is having a discussion? I mean, I will never come around to your side if all you do is scream, "YOU'RE WRONG AND STUPID!" at me.

But enough introduction. On to today's toon:

You know how in older movies, when the good guys would do some ridiculously brave and dangerous act SOMEONE would usually say, "well. This is going to give me something to tell my grandchildren!"  That's what I was thinking of that turned into this. . .